What we do!

We train and coach managers, employees, leaders and teams. Our passion is to strengthen the skills and to support the realization of ambitions of our clients. We connect your business ambitions with human behavior, and align the learning and performance to the desired organizational culture. We can work on an individual, team or organizational level. Our focus is on:

  • Competences “how good is the trainee?"
  • Attitude (behavior) "cope with change and adapt" 
  • Entrepreneurship “will our people pick up the challenge? "
  • Anchoring of the training results "how do we apply what we have learned?"
  • Skills

Together with you, we design a strong solution focused approach. Our specializations are: 

  • Sales and sales management training
  • Personal effectiveness training
  • Leadership and management training
  • Coaching and assessments focused on personal development
  • Team building and workshops.

How do we do that!

Our approach is characterized by:

  • customized solutions tailor-made for you
  • programs with your look and feel. We understand your company and incorporate them into the workplace
  • developing the core competencies of your employees, addressing poor performance
  • active participation and commitment of executives
  • fresh combinations of teaching methods, role playing and case studies (indoors and outdoors)
  • hands on approach of playing and learning in management and sales games (indoors and outdoors)
  • structured intervals between training days to put what has been learnt into practice
  • Our style, say our customers, is innovative, enthusiastic, positive confrontational, and also concerned with the human dimension. We are pragmatic and action-oriented.

Who are we?
Delta Focus trains with a panache and focus on competencies for a job or ambition. We are only satisfied when our clients have proven their ability. Our trainers and coaches are very experienced. They are professionally trained and experienced in larger agencies (such as ODI, GITP, Krauthammer) and by ourselves.

Experience our expertise?
We have provided many trainings, for companies and government organization as diverse as: ABN AMRO, Akzo, Kuiken, Renault, VolkerRail, Volvo, CityCcouncil of Breda, LEI, Alterra, Police Rotterdam Rijnmond, Infotrans and Caribbean Legacy etc. Call us for a free workshop and experience it!