How we do that?
To realise ambitions, a powerful strategy is required. We advise and support management in strategy development and its implementation. We help you to clarify, what you want to achieve and why (ambitions) and design a road map to realise it. As a reference frame we use four strategic anchors 

How we do that?

Our approach consists of four phases;

  1. Monitor inside and outside developments
  2. Evaluate the relevance of it, in comparison to your ambitions
  3. Transform your strategy and competences to successfully realise these missions
  4. Anchor the changes you made in products, services and competencies.

Our strategy group works to apply these phases of modern methods for data analysis, strategic workshops and benchmarking. We explore, together with you, how we can best use and generate new opportunities to increase success and to create value. We develop powerful business cases and try-outs. We guide you in making strategic choices and assist you to develop implementation and change plans. Periodically we will monitor the progress.

Our expertise and experience!
Since 2000, we have successfully advised organisations in industry, commerce, construction, service industry, banking sector, knowledge institutes and governmental sectors. We have advised and assisted in major reorganisations and mergers, but also guided clients during many years in the implementation of strategic changes. Clients as diverse as Renault Netherlands, Volker Wessels, ABN AMRO, Moonen Shipyards, City Councils of Breda, Eindhoven and Texel, The Universities of Wageningen and Delft, LEI, The Good House, HEFgroep welfare, have all been successfully advised and assisted.

Who we are!
Our team consists of eight senior consultants with a rich track record. Delta Focus Strategy Team is managed by Paul Tameling and Wim de Kwaasteniet. The team is competent in all relevant expertises such as strategy, finance and organisational change management.

We would like to visit to discuss what your needs are for the renewal of your strategy and your organisational development. We can also arrange a mini workshop with you!