Our Market

Industry specialization
Delta Focus has been active in the consultancy market since 2000. Delta Focus chooses not only one industry, but has chosen to build a track record within certain sectors. Delta Focus always chooses a clear focus of our work in those sectors. Since 2000, we have built sector expertise in the following six segments:

  • Multi Nationals
    In the IT industry, the white goods sector, the automotive sector and the chemical industry, we have worked for several large multinationals. This sometimes took place on behalf of 'headquarters' and sometimes within divisions and operating companies.

  • Automotive industry
    We are active for various automotive brands and work for several dealerships. We have been involved in several large-scale strategic changes, reorganisations and mergers.
  • Building & civil engineering sector
    Delta Focus has executed large-scale change management, training, lean audits, mergers and reorganszations carried out in the construction industry. Delta Focus is actively involved in the development of the railway sector and has also worked with the engineering departments of various companies. We are also active in shipbuilding and engineering factories.

  • Local authorities
    Within several large and small  local authorities, where we mainly worked at board level and within the public space-related services.

  • Centers of expertise and interest groups
    For various academic institutions, large educational institutions, research in agriculture and advocacy organisations in agriculture, rail industry and healthcare. We have also done work for marketing communication agencies, engineering firms, training of counselors for other advisory groups.

  • Health Care
    Delta Focus works together with the Argos group in health and has conducted several assignments in this sector, both in hospitals and in extra hospital care and dental industry.